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Michelle Havens

Creative instigator. That's really the only way to describe Michelle...aka Kitty. There isn't much she hasn't done in the creative realm. She's designed wholesale showrooms, custom cabinetry, styled + bought for some of the most prestigious boutiques in MN. She was creating pop-up artists events for all of her wildly creative friends to sell their goods, before pop-up was a thing. She's designed ladies luncheons for 15 and conceptualized guest experiences for up to 1800 for some of MN finest non-profits. She lives to prop shop and was especially fond of finding magical things for even the teeniest-tiniest jewelry window display cases. She'll 'MacGyver' any 250 pound piece of furniture that just has to be moved while working alone, in a showroom at 3am. She taught herself to weld for a special holiday installation. And she created a reverse Nordic forest floor on the ceiling of a historic mansion. She joyfully dedicates her life to creating memorable experiences, intimate moments, sweet and unexpected surprises, uncontrollable ecstatic squealing, and those long drawn out "ahhhhh"reactions, instances of awe, wonder and pure happiness. And in her spare time...see above. She feels damn lucky to have worked for, and along side, some of the most tenaciously talented visionaries. And feels extra, extra lucky that they believed in her and gave her freedoms to dig in deep and fly. She resides in NE Mpls, with her sweet cat, Little Cat Havens.

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